Fashion Trends For 2017

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” — Lauren Hutton

Here are some of the fashion trends of 2017:


Stripes pattern has been on trend since last year and will continue to be a huge this season. Beginning from shirts, you will find it in stripe tops, trousers, shirts, and bags. Sea Side stripes are on huge trend. Instead of just wearing it normally, wear it with jeans inside, shorts, torn jeans; team up with heels, accessories. 

Yellow is Back: 

No matter what tone of skin you have, you will see shades of brightest yellow in 2017. Don’t worry if you have the different yellow of shades. With Yellow color dresses, you can team up with white, gold or black if you want to look somber. Yellow is a must color in your wardrobe for 2017.

Trench Coat: Classy and elegant, trench coat and capes are in trend in 2017. These coats are made with silks, cotton with different variations, as well as skin friendly to wear. It will not only look you classy but gives you elegant look. Wear it with jeans,shorts,skirts,boots etc…

trench-topshelf-peone-tumblerLace: Lace can make you sexy, elegant, classy, sensual. It depends on how you use it. Lace dresses comes in skin color tube,crop,inner,shorts etc.  Try it white jeans or shorts.  Good for the duskier complexion.


Split skirt: Split skirts are feminine, girlie and the perfect dress to show your assets and your sexy legs. if you are someone who is not very comfortable wearing short skirts, you can wear split shorts. 


short Jacket: Goes with all with girlie dresses. wear it with the dress, if you think it’s too simple or hugging. just put it on the dress.

short-jacket-misguided-dressesT- shirt dresses: Nothing could be more breezy, comfy. you can totally live in it. Pair it with bright shoes and accessories. chill out with and hang out with this dress.t-shirt-dresses-h-m

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