Recently I attended an event, NorthEast Calling festival at India Gate, New Delhi. In the event, Indian rapper who is also known as BK from Tripura performed one of his original composition #hashtag I want to be famous… The lyrics of the song played in my mind for a week, It made me contemplate about success and failure even more as I was writing the video description for a Youtube Channel. Failure is one of those ugly realities of life which is a common experience to all of us to some degree.

What is a failure?

My definition of failure might be a little different from the rest. For me, failure is missing out the fun in life or failing to enjoy the present moment. Failure is when I fail to recognize the cause of it. When I was in my younger days, failing in exams especially Math was the sole definition of failure. As I grow older, the definition of failure has become more complex and wide.

Why Do we fail?

No one wants to fail, but we all do! And if you have never failed, perhaps you have never gone out of that comfort zone. Mistakes could be many, but some failures are because we are ignorant and some are beyond our control. We fail because we are in learning process !! Almost everything in life requires to learn or try something that you have never done before. That’s why we fail.

What I learned from failure

I have faced uncountable failures, encountered disappointments and lost many battles. Through failure, I have learned to accept life’s outcome the way they are and to focus on the goals and purpose of life. When something hard in life strikes me, most of the time, I fail to enjoy the moment. Looking back, there has been a lot of time when I don’t appreciate the time but mourn or regret failing. Had I been more acceptable and flexible what came my way, I would have been a happier person. Failure reminded me to stand up when I fall. Be it a major or minor failure, it is a reminder for me that I am a step closer to my success.

My thoughts…

Failure is just the other side of success. Come what may, I feel that success is what you leave behind when you go. Collecting and thinking of all the failures or broken dreams, I realized that failures pruned and shaped my life.  Many great people experienced some sort of failure. Go ahead and never give up.

It is ok to fail, it is ok to be in bad position but don’t forget to get up.


God alone can change your Heart 

⭐Lesson Aim: Only God can give us a loving/tender heart.

#concentrate on (@God works in unusual ways sometimes @God keeps His promises.

@He restored Israel to a country thousands of years after it was completely destroyed.)

⭐Ezekiel 36-37 is one of my favorite story in the Bible. Many strange weird things happened during this time. (The theme of Ezekiel 36 is restoration )Those days Israel was in exile in the land of Babylon. They had been there for many years disobeying God,a rebellious nation. Then God appeared and spoke to the prophet Ezekiel.
⭐WHO WAS EZEKIEL (God makes strong, hardens) AND WHEN DID HE WRITE?(571BC)

Ezekiel lived and wrote at the same time as Jeremiah and Daniel, and a couple other minor prophets.  So, he’s writing during the fall of Jerusalem.
⭐Ezekiel was one of the most unique prophets. He even had to shave his hair and divide it into thirds to illustrate how Jerusalem would be defeated.  He was to lie bound for a year to illustrate Jerusalem at the siege.  And the illustrations go on and on.

⭐In Ezekiel 36:26, God promises the prophet that He will give his people a “new Spirit.” ❤He informs the prophet that this Spirit will be “within them.” God goes on to tell the prophet that their  “stony hearts” /hard hearts will be taken from them and they will be given “a heart of flesh,” or tender hearts. When this “heart of flesh” is within them He will then “cause them” to walk in his statutes. What are some the examples of hard objects? Coconut. At times you made a mistake and you say sorry to your friend but she/he won’t talk to you or agree with you.  What do you do in such situations? (take responses)

⭐In Ezekiel 36:27, God then tells the prophet that when that time comes, Israel will be “his people” once again and He will be “their God.” But here is the catch! God said to Ezekiel:

“Thus says the Lord God, I will yet for this be inquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them” (Ezekiel 36: 37).

In other words, Israel would have to ask God before God would do any of these things in their behalves.
In Ezekiel 37, God showed him a vision. “the Vision of the Valley of the Dry Bones.” In this vision, the spirit of the Lord carries the prophet to a valley that was full of bones, and these bones were very dry (in other words, they had been there for a very long time).


Once there, God asked the prophet in Ezekiel 37:3, “Son of Man, can these bones live?” 💀💀💀And the prophet answered by saying to God, “You alone know.” So, in the next verse, God said this to Ezekiel: “Prophesy upon these bones: and say unto them, ‘O you dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.’” That sounds a bit scary, isn’t it?

The prophet did as he had been told, and there was a noise and the bones began to come together, and as the prophet continued to watch, sinews and flesh came upon the bones and skin covered them. Suddenly, the prophet could see millions of people.
But the problem was this: this army of people had no breath within them. In other words, they were dead.

However, in Ezekiel 36:9, God spoke to the prophet and said this to him: “Prophesy unto the wind, prophesied, Son of Man, and say to the wind, ‘thus saith the Lord God: come from the four winds, old breath, and breathe upon the slain that they may live.’”
Ezekiel did as he was told once again, and he prophesied to this army of dead soldiers, and when he did the breath came into them and they stood upon their feet, and they did, indeed, prove to be a huge army.

Then God explained to Ezekiel the meaning of this vision. According to Ezekiel 37:11, the bones represent the entire house of Israel that will be living at the time of the restoration of Israel to the land. The unique thing about this verse is that God said to the prophet, “Son of Man these bones are the whole house of Israel.”
God offers an amazing revelation that He will make “a covenant of peace” with the people of Israel. Of course, this “covenant of peace,” of which God speaks was about the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here God is describing for us the millennial/ reign of Christ in advance.

Christ will return and establish his kingdom of peace forever and ever. God is the only one who can bring peace of mind into our hearts.
⭐short clip about stony heart and how God mends the broken heart.