Stop Capturing Every Moment, Just Enjoy

“Don’t you want to get clicked in this beautiful valley of Uttrakhand”?  I asked her as I was so overwhelmed with nature’s beauty.


She replied with ease “If you truly enjoy the beauty of nature, you won’t spend so much time in getting pictures, but rather enjoy the scenic beauty” What? Well, we need to post it on Facebook …

The only difference between her and I was that my pictures from the trip were going all over social media whereas; she just used those pictures for WhatsApp Display Picture. It made me consider for a while as we three sat down to relax in a green lush valley of Uttrakhand.

It struck me why on earth we are so obsessed with capturing the moments that are worth living instead of actually living them! This picture mania is not new, but this is actually true. We know it very well.

Many of us have experienced what it’s like when your favorite band comes to town. You would probably get stuck somewhere in a crowd of thousands. Long lines seem a short line when it’s your favorite band rocking the concert. That excitement! People are walking over your feet and sweaty bodies are rubbing against yours and no, not in the way you’d want them to. But never mind, it’s your favorite band. And finally, the show begins.

You cheer loud with all your strength and along with the band’s grand entry, your unlocking phone process begins. Then, when they start singing, you stand there with your arms stretched out and a phone in your hands, not only blocking the view of whoever is watching and standing behind you but also recording a shaky video with blaring noise, which will sit in some forgotten corner of your life.

Are you a foodie? So, what about the random food pictures from every Saturday dinner and Sunday brunches you post on Instagram or Facebook?

Food : PC Daily Mail
Whatever we eat, it has become a trend to click and post it. I remember my mom telling me, back when I was a kid, to eat my food as soon as it is served on the table, otherwise, she would serve it to the dogs around. You know very well the pangs of hunger when you skipped your meal.

Are you supposed to post anything happening in your life? What you doing, sleeping, scared, broken, whatever feelings you feel … Social media no doubt has become our punch pillow like social media is another all ears and all eyes person. Do we really need to digitalize every moment? Is every moment worth capturing?

Today, we might be clicking on 100 pictures per minute and yet, we aren’t satisfied. Funny but true. We want the person who clicked the picture to send ASAP as if it is the most important thing ever in life. And most of those send pictures lies unused in our phones and probably we at times end up deleting the pictures.

We just can’t get over looking into our phones. Using your cell phone during a family dinner is frowned upon by pretty much everybody. It’s official. Why put a screen between you and every part of your life activities? You only wish that picture on the screen come alive.

So the next time you really want to prove the existence of a ‘life’ in your life, make sure you live it first and then probably click the picture. Be present. Live in it. Any picture on your mind? Not again…

Stop Capturing Every Moment, Just Enjoy It, live life